My Farewell…until Fall ’17

One of the most amazing classes I have ever taken is starting to wrap up.  My eyes are watering to think that I won’t get to work with my amazing team anymore, (since most of them are graduating) sit through a class where I get to talk about something I love, or meet amazing professionals in the industry.  I will miss this class and the people in it.

Dr. Freberg’s social media class is setting the standard for what we should be teaching communication students about social communication.  While laying down the rules of SM management, Dr. Freberg manages to find a way to connect with each student and discover their strengths.  She encourages every student to pursue internships, apply for jobs and helps them start building networks with industry professionals.

Every student has been in her office at some point to discuss a project, talk about an internship, or review a resume.  If you haven’t been there you are missing out. Her office is a tribute to fan culture with her collection of Cumberbatch characters on her desk to the Angry Birds on her wall to the various references to Despicable Me.  And of course, there is always coffee because social media is twenty four hours and so are it’s professionals. It is impossible not to feel a smile creep up on you as soon as you walk in.

It’s not just the collectibles, Dr. Freberg cares.  She has built an amazing network of professionals that share the secrets of the industry and are interested in where this class is going.  She is also innovative in her use of social media in the classroom.  She created a class specific hashtag in order to easily share ideas and foster networking with her students.  The best way to learn is to use it.  Dr. Freberg threw us into the fire and we survived and thrived.

It has been an honor to be part of #freberg17.  I have learned more than I could have dreamed.  I learned how to manage a client and implement my ideas.  I also learned a lot of humility and when to follow (this was very hard for me) and when to lead.  I learned that I don’t always need to speak and to have ten to twenty ideas in reserve for when the client shoots one down.  I have learned that networking will get me farther than my resume will and that a good impression is worth a thousand hours of experience.  Finally I have learned to fail hard and fast, to get up and learn from it, and to love your failures like you love your successes because you can’t have the second without the first.

My advice to #freberg18 is don’t let the incredibly long syllabus scare you.  This class is a ton of work but you will come out the other side forged by fire. You will form relationships that will change your life for a while and you will find out what it is really like for a SM professional in the field.  Add a Starbucks gift card to your required items list. Finally, think of this not as a class project but as your first opportunity to work for a company.  If you do this right, it will be a great beginning to your career.

I am excited that in a few weeks I will get to add #frebergalum to my life achievements and probably my resume.  I don’t think I have ever worked so hard for or been so excited about a hashtag.  Thank you Dr. Freberg for helping me shape my life in such an amazing way. See you in the Fall!


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