@Humana and the Micro Influencer Employee

Jason W. Spencer is wearing an outdated Fitbit and my brain can’t handle it.

Once I was able to move past that old flex he said some great things to say.  From talking about building and managing a couple thousand micro influencers to failing fast so you can learn, he inspired a few of my new favorite story notes.

IMG_20170403_100612_867I like this note because  my sweater ended up reminding me of lined paper.  In addition it is interesting that a large company put a large amount of trust into their employees hands.  When you examine the facts it seems reasonable to want to change the narrative to a person that people are already listening to.  In addition the company rewards employees who post and engage with points.  Jason said we would be surprised what people would do for swag.  No I wouldn’t I run a study group I can get college students to raise their grades for stickers.  Branded swag and a point system is in general.

Humana saw that their employees were already talkingIMG_20170403_100804_280 about the company and decided to give them quality content to share.  Not every post is branded as from Humana, in fact most posts are about getting healthy and making choices that will improve quality of life. Quality, not fake news, information allows Humana to reach out with information and also create a great relationship with not only their employees but with potential consumers.

IMG_20170403_100941_837There is nothing we trust more than our friends and family.  A follower is more likely to believe you than they are to believe the CEO of a business. Having employees post content is more effective than a commercial ad where the CEO tells you about the newest item.



I enjoyed Jason’s presentation, after I got over his old Fitbit.20161020_174449


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