I am a big fan of Owly, and its parent Hootsuite.  As a social media management tool, Hootsuite is wonderful.  I can not get online without opening my dashboard to track my classes, clients, and personal image.  It allows me to create content calendars weeks or months in advance and then all I have to do is approve them from my phone when they are suppose to post. I use Hootsuite for three different purposes.


Besides using Hootsuite to manage my profiles I can track trending hashtags and follow my slight obsession with politics. Hootsuite also shows me my follows and mentions which allows me to respond positively to people.  I also use this program to stalk my favorite celebrities without having to follow them or clutter up my timelines with their posts.  It allows me to “binge stalk” them on my down time.


I use Hootsuite to track mentions of my clients and also keep an eye on their media interactions to manage any potential trolls before they become a problem and catch fan questions and respond.  I also use it to keep my eye on users who I think could be useful or future possible influencers.  I love influencer marketing.  I want to see where they are headed and keep tabs on them to make sure they don’t mess up and ruin my plans for them.


I seriously don’t know why more professors aren’t using Social Media in their classes. Blackboard is a blight upon the earth. Every update it gets a little bit worse to use on mobile. Twitter on the other hand gets easier and easier.  It gives students a social media presence that they need for their careers and it teaches online etiquette. That is super important. Tracking a class hashtag is super easy using Hootsuite.  Papers can be submitted via email and grades can be tracked on Google docs.  Please let’s move away from the torture that is Blackboard.

I like this social media tool. I like having the specific information I need at my fingertips. That way I am always prepared for what gets thrown at me.

Credit for the header image goes to the amazing San Diego Zoo. To see all their cute owls you can check them out at their website.  They are sooooo cute.


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