Adobe Spark

I am taking a social media class with Dr. Karen Freberg, if you don’t know who that is Google her, and she recently had us do an assignment with Adobe Spark.  I read through about half the projects and was slightly disappointed.  A lot of my classmates used a ton of words and less than three images and didn’t play with all the features that Spark Pages offers. That’s unfortunate because Spark Page offers interesting features like glideshow and picture grid that can make a page look good.  Here’s my tips, using images I made in Spark.

Adobe Spark



A good rule of thumb when trying to impress someone is to look what they post.  Currently Dr. Freberg is most active on Twitter.  If you look at her posts they are 50%-80% emoji.  In Twitter, a text based social media platform, she uses images to get her points across.  You should too.  If you only use 1-3 images and did paragraphs of text, you missed the point.  Freberg wants you to tell a visual story that is helped by words. Don’t get me wrong, she is reading those words, but they need to be accompanied by images that make an impact.




Adobe Spark (1)


Images can tell a whole story for you that you can’t quite explain.  Or they can be coffee beans with a filter and text on them.  Spark Post gives a wide range of filters that can change the message you are telling. The filter and color make it something more urgent or sinister.  Find a filter that speaks to the artistic story you want to tell



Adobe Spark (3)


If you follow Spark on Instagram you know that their images have way more text than a first look at the program allows.  I got around this my downloading the image with the text and then using it as the photo for a different Spark Post.  While a little tedious it doesn’t take as long as you would think. It is much easier to add text to Spark Page but you only have one font choice so Spark Posts can add some dimension to your presentation.


Adobe Spark (4)

If you truly can’t think of something catchy or find the perfect picture, let Spark do it.  I did nothing to this image.  Spark chose the quote, the image and the layout.  This holds true with Spark Page also.  Adobe is a visual company and the majority of their products are based on creating amazing visuals. The stock photos they give you access too are great quality and wide variety.

In the end, by only using one of the features in Spark Page, my classmates lost the opportunity to learn a new, if sometimes buggy, program that can make presenting a social media plan to a client look professional, interesting, and only take an hour to put together.

Do you have a message you would like to tell using Spark Page?  Show me! @theRebeccaH



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