Story Time On Snapchat

Over the next few months I am going to be dedicating posts to storytelling using social media.  I will see what kind of stories we can tell on each platform and really look at how these stories show the world us and show us the world.  The last few weeks I instigated three different stories on Snapchat.  One of them had a story-board for every detail, I thought, the other was an idea that took on a life of its own and the third was…complicated.  My third story went through a lot of re shoots before I reached something that I felt I could share.

Inspired by Snapchat’s Our Story feature, I wanted to see how easy or hard it was to tell a story on Snapchat.  I have been using it on a regular basis since three months after it came out.  I love the fact that it caters to my low attention span.  The promoted stories I watch most are those that are short and don’t require paragraphs of reading.  I have Briefing for news stories, on my SC I want clips from the Daily Show, some Kardashian news, and speed politics preferably funny.  It is also my primary SMS. I have messenger on my phone but I am a Bitmoji nut and they really interface best with Snapchat.  In addition to that, I enjoy the vanishing message part.  I think we often have stories we tell that are truly just meant to be savored in that moment and then forgotten.  Not every second of my life should be treasured forever, but I do want to share how hilarious my dog is when he wants a nap, or an amazing sign at a demonstration, or a interesting interaction between people.

I decided to start with a scripted story that I planned out ahead of time.

This is A Day With Unicorn

This story was shot and mostly saved to my photos and then added to Snapchat on my midday break.  I wanted to create a structured story that was cute and didn’t require any emotional involvement other than maybe a smile or grin.  I was a little disconcerted that setting up the shots and a day of planning only added up to less than 2 minutes. but SC stories are meant to be brief and Unicorn is that.  This is primarily structured staged stills and it could have benefited from maybe some music or more talking but the point is to tell a story on the go. Even though I had planned this out, this story like most good stories, went on a tangent when Unicorn takes a nap.  Not originally scripted it came out of the fact that I really wanted McCallister’s and forgot my unicorn, leaving it on the table in the conference room.

My next story is a documentary about a teenager…

This is Snapchat Wisdom

K. Holder is the boy teenager, L. Holder is the middle school girl, Sgt. Holder is the old man, the voice off screen saying no to caterpillars is D. Jochimsen and I am the dork in the red sweater. K is known for saying really random things.  I thought it would be fun to record what one hour looks like with our family.  He decided to direct, star and edit this Snapchat having never used Snapchat before.  There are many Snaps that did not make the cut and live in my memories.  This was fun and really showcases all of our silliness and nerdiness.

This last story has been redone a few times.  This started out as me wanting to talk with women about what they loved about themselves, but I got very few takers and it never really worked out as anything.  After that I decided to try an idea based on Six Word Stories, which is one of my favorite websites of all times.  My idea was to have people come up with 6 word stories and then act them out in 8 seconds on Snapchat.  Much like Six Word Stories, what I got from people was all over the place, it got a little dark and then it got creepy so I stopped.  I want to finish that project but I need to figure out a way to shape it more so that it doesn’t scare me.  I also feel like maybe those need to be longer than 8 seconds.  I ended up going with a game of questions which was a lot of fun. I got takers on this but it was mostly comm majors so they are pretty good at talking on the fly.

This is Snapchat Game Of Questions

This was fun I liked the way it flowed but it could have benefited from a dedicated mic and my phone not having focusing issues. I will do this again.  I would like to spend a day in Louisville just asking random people.

Overall Snapchat is a fun medium to use to tell a story and is still my go to app for short stories.

Do you have a suggestion for a Snapchat story? Want to see more? Let me know on Twitter @TheRebeccaH or comment below.


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