I am going to use the Social Learning Theory to discuss television today.

TV is one of those things that is a social learning item and something we learn social expectations from. For something that started out with an 8 inch screen that you had to watch reflected in a mirror, it has come a long way.  Those first TV sets were too expensive to have in every house or even most houses and it is hard to believe that there was ever

By Reddit user CaptnChristina 

enough interest make the technology affordable enough to have more than on in a home.  It is these first adopters of this new technology that started the chain reaction of learning that would lead to a television’s increased popularity.  As TV content increased regularity and there was more access to in home sets, discussing shows became more of a social activity. As the community talked more about TV the members of that community learned that this was a something that could be contributed by owning and using a television.

TV continued to expand from one show a day to 4 hours of shows a day to 24 hour programming. The broadcast television community now broke into smaller parts in order to focus on the programming they liked.  News fans, drama fans, procedural fans, sports fans, and other groups. This sorting into groups allowed community members to identify with individuals that are similar to them and increased their investment in this technology allowing them more opportunities to learn and increase their social value.

There is crossover between groups and this has led to the community sharing information about new technology.  The original  TV was a very large cabinet and now we make cabinets for our very large TVs.  Having a bigger screen with clearer definition has become a desire that comes from our social expectations.  Having the newest technology can mean that you are a better contributor to the community. The newest ultra high definition television set can be as expensive as that original TV.  Of course it is much bigger and the image is clearer.  TV will continue to evolve with images that are clearer and have more content.


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