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I was going to talk about Snapchat this week and how I like to use it for stories, but that is a little more involved than I thought it would be and I haven’t finished the 3 types of stories I wanted to tell.  I am going to save that for next week and instead talk about Instagram stories.

Disclaimer: I do not like IG Stories.  I feel like it is a direct rip off of the innovative idea of Snapchat and it feels weird to use something similar but not quite right.

That being said, I decided to give it a try.  We had a presenter today in class and instead of live tweeting like most of my class does I decided to Instagram it.  I used a mix of timeline photos and the Stories feature to essentially take notes for a blog later about the speaker.  Gary Andrew Stinson (@Gary_Andrew) from the Kentucky Derby Festival, came to speak to my social media team today.   Besides being approachable and friendly, he has a great sense of humor about himself and used Bitmojis in his slide show.  I love Bitmoji and this instantly rocketed Gary to the top of my list of people who should be listened to regularly.

Bitmojis in a presentation??! Oh it's on now. #Freberg17

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As I went through class it was easy to add pictures to my story and I did like the more intuitive feel of the text tool.  It seemed a little less choppy than Snapchat’s clinging text that adheres to a moving object when you don’t want it to.  While my snippets came together easier and could mesh well with the pictures on my timeline they seemed to take longer and lacked a feeling of spontaneity.  In other words there were no Bitmojis I could layer over my pictures, which was disappointing because this;Snapchat-1761573313.jpg

would have been awesome. A Snapchat story with my Bit interacting with the whole presentation would have been fun. Not to mention more entertaining than words and pictures of me or Gary.

I do like the Boomerang feature.  It was an interesting and creative tool to make my story a little more engaging.  But finding the right moment for Boomerang is a challenge.  You can’t just do anything you need a movement that sort of loops and interacts well with the message.  For example this loop is more interesting than this one.  The first one has two loops going on at the same time and draws the eye back and forth. The second one doesn’t really draw the eye anywhere and would have been just as good as a still. Boomerang requires a sharp eye to catch the right moment in addition to a playful creativity.  There were several moments I missed that would have been great Boomerangs

The feature I wish it had in stories was Layout.  Right now the only way to add a Layout picture to your story is to create one, save it to your camera roll, and then upload it.  Not the most spontaneous thing. In fact while I was making my layout for my timeline i missed something important he said…well it might have been important I don’t know I am just assuming since I wasn’t paying attention.  A layout option in Stories would be a nice add for several related ideas that don’t need their own slide, or if they are too rapid fire to capture each moment.

What I did like is I can see how many people view my story and their replies are in the comprehensible IG format.  Snapchat doesn’t have an easy way for me to track information about viewership. Instagram is much easier to determine what was appealing to people and what no one cared about. The last thing that bugs me about IG Stories is that you can’t save your story as a whole you have to save the individual pieces which means I have to edit it together on my own.  I do all my editing before and during the snap.  I don’t want to have to assemble it again to share it one my blog.  Thus no vid of my IG story.  Sorry, y’all’ll just have to wait till next week for my Snapchat Story.


How do you feel about Insatgram Stories? Comment below or message me @TheRebeccaH. want to share your story? Follow me on Instagram so I can see yours!



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