S.W.O.T. Yo’self

There is nothing I like more than sitting down and completely tearing apart a marketing or social media plan.  I check out companies that I love and analyze their strengths and weaknesses, then cross that information with their opportunities and threats.  I get to make charts, spread sheets, and *shiver* mock up schedules.  I have been doing this since I was a kid.  I would watch what other kids did, observe the teacher’s reaction and then do it better. But the one brand that I haven’t done a S.W.O.T. on is probably the most important me…my personal brand.  No one likes to step back and look at their weaknesses and evaluate if their strengths are really there.  But a good S.W.O.T. can transform the way you interact with your followers and how you attract more.  After taking apart a client’s online presence, I decided it was time to get a bit critical of myself and sit down to look at my social media. I  got real honest with myself about what my social media says about my brand.  Here’s my breakdown:

sStrengths. What are my strengths?  Well. I am branded across the big 3: Snap chat, Instagram and Twitter are all under the same handle. A google search will bring up linked profiles with the same name.  My message is consistent across platforms.  I post regularly with content relevant to career choice, content that humanizes,and/or entertains.My media has an opinion without forcing it on the viewer.  My posts have a local as well as national relevance.. Every blog posts contains a call to action and is well edited (thanks mom) with a consistent voice.

wWeaknesses. Facebook.  I have spent years being confrontational and political on my Facebook page.  It is used primarily as a landing page for my personal IG (pictures of my kids and dog) and Twitter (snarky liberal), which I don’t use anymore since all my time is spent building my professional social media image from scratch.  The Facebook page is kept private but nothing is really secret on the internet anymore. Anyone can screen shot my in-law drama, fringe friends, or overly critical evaluation of public figures. Scrapping it and starting over is the best idea. This is not my favorite option since all my family follows me there to watch for pictures of the kids who are still two to three years away from curating their own history on SM. On other platforms, there is only minimal follower carryover from the personal brand to the newer professional brand and they lack followers and engagement.

After combing through my Facebook for two hours trying to determine if this ship can be saved or if it should just go down in flames and live in the FB graveyard, I realized that I am not ready to do opportunities and threats until the whole brand is in place. I need to get rid of the FB.  My lack of notoriety and my friends lack of technical skills will probably keep me safe from my youthful idiocy surfacing in the future.  The next step is to save those pictures somewhere, delete my current Facebook page and start fresh possibly under a new name…in a new state….where no one can find me. And then prepare a plan in case some portion of my Facebook page surfaces in the future.  I’m willing to take responsibility for my mistakes, but I’d rather not have them forever haunting me on the internet.

Are you ready to S.W.O.T. yourself? Take a good long look at what are your strengths and weaknesses.  Where can you improve? Represents you best? Comment below or snap me @TheRebeccaH


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