My New Brand Boyfriend

I love a good story.  Especially a romance. Two people meet and they fight past their own fears and end up living happily ever after…or not. Both stories are great ways to waste an afternoon.  I am a goner for a love story. I especially like it when brands use a love story to sell me a product.  I don’t mean the car commercial where a woman gets in a guy’s car and its supposed to be sexy.  I mean when a brand reaches out and wants me to join them on an emotional journey.  It usually ends in me buying a new pair of trainers because my new brand boyfriend wants me to be the best I can be and empowers me by telling me that “I will what I want”. Or maybe we will save the world by using clean energy.  It is even possible that we will go on an adventure in our new Outback together with our golden retriever in the back because the world is our playground.  I am always down for a good love story, especially if it is mine.

How do brands ask me out? How do they create a place where I will happily buy a product to show my support for our relationship?  Unlike most personal relationships, they think way ahead and do their research.  They find out how I like to be talked to, where I am going to be and then they create a story for me…and you…and her…and him…and those two over there.

My new brand boyfriend knows that as  a Millennial, I can be found on the Social Media bar.  As much as I like to think I am a unique butterfly, the truth is I am a lot like my generation.  I have a short attention span; I like to feel like I am contributing and I neither want someone to tell me that I am just like everyone else or so different that I feel weird.

Brand Boyfriend will find out all my  dislikes, my likes and the trends that affect me. He will then write our love story. He will  educate me about my past and offer me some loving advice via a slogan or campaign.  He is going to tell me about his past and show me what our future together looks like with images on Instagram.  He will show me he’s a good guy by making me laugh or smile in Snapchat ads. He will eventually show me his commitment to my pocketbook with a well run Facebook page that addresses customer service. So sexy.

Finally after he is done enticing me he is going to tell me exactly what he wants. He’s going to lean in close and whisper in my ear the product I need to buy to make this relationship last forever.  I will  buy it. And when he romances you, you will buy  it as well.  A good brand that listens to its customers is going to be able to maintain the give and take  of a consumer romance for a long time.  Doing the research and planning out Social Media can create a relationship that will last forever and even if the consumer moves onto a new product, a good plan can ensure that the consumer always speaks well of their ex.

Who’s your current Brand Boyfriend? Is he taking care of you? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @TheRebeccaH. If you are really committed, Gram it with #MyBrandBoyfriend. I want to hear all about your love story.



2 thoughts on “My New Brand Boyfriend

  1. My Brand Boyfriend would be the gym and the gym adds. The enticing picture of being fit and how great you will feel afterwards.


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