Hi, I’m Bell

My name is Rebecca, but most people call me Bell. It is a shortening of my gamer tag that stuck as a nickname.  I’m a Communication Major at University of Louisville and I have decided after my bachelors, I will pursue a  Masters in Social Work with a focus in Military life. My acceptance letter as a transfer student to the University of Louisville said, “Where ever you have been, we hope you are going to finish here.” And I will.

I’m a happy geek, a gamer and I love superheroes. The lead image on this blog is one of my favorites.  It is “The Kiss” by the great Jim Lee colored by Jeremiah Skipper.  I have always been the Wonder Woman to my husband’s Superman, and was very excited  by the short run of Superman and Wonder Woman that DC released.  I am a military wife, and you don’t know what that means…even if you are one. It’s different for all of us.  I love to write and talk and listen, but most of all I enjoy discovering new things about people, places and politics.

Because this is my life, I have moved 6 times in 7 years and seen most of the continental United States. I have changed jobs every 12-18 months and finally set my sights on Social Worker. I have attended 6 different colleges and changed my major 5 times. I have watched my children grow up all over this great country.  I have worked for non profits, small businesses and educational institutes.

Speaking of jobs, my current favorite is my employment with the Communications Office at the University of Louisville as a student office aide. Before I did this job I was a Cosmetologist, a Tutor, I’ve done direct sales, I’ve done retail sales, I worked with the children of fruit pickers in Salinas, Ca and the privileged athletes at SEC colleges. I’ve written a grant, I’ve spoken to government, I’ve been an activist, and I am a mother. All of these jobs have taken me great places and taught me things. I never thought that they would all lead me to wanting to be a social worker.  I found myself floundering after not finding any purchase in my previous major. Evaluating what I loved most about the jobs I had done and what I had hoped to find in my other educational pursuits, I realized that the common thread in all these jobs has been a desire to help people. Today the most important people to me, besides my family, are the families we serve with and I want to help them.




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